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Private xef Eivissa xef privat

We are xefs!

Eivissa Xef Villa és born el 2006, per a cover customers culinary needs a les seves viles i jachts a Eivissa i Formentera.


Alexis Carini, el nostre manager i el cap xef has de gastronomia trajectory que goes back several generacions i has format per les millors xefs de França. After more than fifteen years of making his Catering business one of the best on the island, while managing Eivissa Chef Villa, he has just spent four years as yacht’s xef around the world.


Alexis, amb el seu equip d'young and talented xefs, butlers, waiters, helpers and nannies,

will make your holidays an unforgettable moment.

Bon appetit!

Private xef Eivissa xef privat
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